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Get the Selfies That Sell (Even If You’re Ugly AF)
Video + Audio Training for $27
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SELFIES THAT SELL -Video + Audio Training

In the beginning of the year, I ran a 5-day challenge called Seflies That Sell! Turns out, a lot of you are TERRIBLE at selfies (sry not sry) yet know they’re an amazing way to build your personal brand!

Learn to build an unforgettable personal brand, take photos on your smartphone, and make money moves on the internet by purchasing below!

What is it?

5 recorded audios and Live videos on branding + mobile photography to help you build a memorable personal brand that builds authority in your niche so you can secure the bag-- all from your iPhone.

I used to be where you are now. These are what my selfies used to look like before I applied my own teachings on my damn self!

Who is it for?

Solopreneurs, artists, musicians, bloggers, service-providers, cosplayers, etc. Anyone who wants to make money being themselves on the internet and wants to learn how to take a decent photo using their phone.

Why do you need dis?

In 2019-- if you want to sell your shit, then, you should probably show your face. But what if you don’t have fancy equipment? What if you don’t know the first thing about branding? Or worse, what if you feel too -- GULP! -- fugly to post selfies? I got chu. I'm going to teach you all about personal branding, using your iPhone to take memorable selfies, and secure the bag doing what you love.

Now these are what my selfies look like— yep, no IG boyfriend here! This is what awaits you on the other side of the Buy button!

Here’s my promise to you: I wholeheartedly believe in this work. So if you purchase and realize this ain’t for you, I’m happy to refund your purchase 100%. Yes, even if it’s just $27— I don’t want your money if you don’t feel I’ve brought you value. So there’s no risk for you and I can go to sleep with a clear conscience— win/win all around! Simply >>> email me <<< with your receipt and I’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked. Usually within 24-48 hrs!

Training Breakdown (What You’ll Learn):

Lesson 1: Aesthetics 101

We’ll be discussing the most important part of selfie-taking: branding!

Lesson 2: iPhone Photography Basics

Luckily having access to a powerful camera that fits in your back pocket affords you the chance to completely change your life in ways not even our parents can comprehend.

Lesson 3: How to Pose, find Concepts, and Shoot Your Selfies

Let me be the first to say this: you do not need to fit someone else’s definition of beautiful in order to deserve respect or success.

Lesson 4: Editing Your Selfies Like An Influencer

This is all about translating our concepts in post-editing so that it continues to uphold our personal brand in an authentic way!

Lesson 5: How To Make Money Moves With Your Personal Brand

This is all about how to capitalize on your reputation! I teach you all about how to utilize (what I like to call) the “Peter Parker Method” to monetize your personal brand in 3 easy steps!

Note: Once payment has gone through, you’ll be taken to a Google Drive folder with all the assets for the training labeled. Please >>email me<< if you run into any issues, happy to help!