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Introducing the first ever in-person selfie retreat for entrepreneurs, content creators, small business owners…

NYC - LA - Tokyo (limited spots available for each city)

At the end of this Selfie Retreat, I want you to take the following philosophy to heart:

I am enough. Yep, that’s my true agenda.

Look, I know that social media (and Instagram especially) can feel like one big cesspool of perfect-looking people living picture-perfect lives.

But here’s what I can absolutely promise you:

I am not here to teach you how to stunt for the ‘Gram.

I am not here to teach you how to FaceTune your face until you develop a complex and feel depressed and anxious whenever it comes to creating content.

And if you’re looking for someone to teach you how to fake a great life and body for a bunch of strangers over the internet-- I suggest you hit that X at the top right of the browser.

However, if you’re looking for genuine help with learning how to build a personal brand through self-portraits because you’re ready to take control of your life and elevate your current situation-- then I’m excited to assist you on your journey to self-discovery through my newest offering -- and the first ever selfie retreat on the internet! -- Selfies That Sell Retreat!

  • Imagine learning how to shoot + edit selfies that break the internet.

  • Envision yourself knowing exactly wtf that exposure setting on your phone does.

  • Picture yourself in a safe space filled with folks who want exactly what you do: the knowledge of how to build a successful personal brand and the freedom to creatively express themselves without guilt or restrictions on the internet.

Oh and did I mention there are three cities to choose from? So whether you’ve wanted to explore the city you’re currently in or need an excuse to finally stick to your “TRAVEL MORE” 2019 resolution-- you’ve got options.

But only for a limited time because once these spots are filled-- they are GONE. Why? The best part of this retreat is that I’m going to demo shooting selfies indoor and outdoors. I want to keep the retreat intimate enough that everyone gets their chance to ask me questions on the spot.

PLUS each person will get a chance to have their selfies, websites, and Instagram feed audited.

The experience

(there’s levels to it)

Day 1. Aesthetics + Positioning

LEARN: My “Peter Parker (yep, that one!) Method” tailored to your Personal Brand.

WALK-AWAY: With a Brand Bible PDF so that you never have to second guess a piece of content you create.

Day 2. Love Your #Selfie-- Inside + Out + iPhone Photography Fundamentals

LEARN: How to shoot selfies indoor and outdoor on your iphone.

WALK-AWAY: 3 months worth of selfies/content for your Instagram(/social media)

Day 3. Editing + Personal Branding/Social Media Coaching

LEARN: How to edit your selfie like you have a million followers + hot seat coaching (we workshop whatever your heart desires for 30 minutes min.)

WALK-AWAY: Your 3 custom filters you can use on your selfies + customized personal brand strategy


  • Lodging in a beautiful, private airbnb home

  • Chef prepared meals, snacks, wine, cannabis-friendly* (*los angeles location only)

  • Private restorative yoga (all levels)

  • Gift bags filled with surprise goodies I love and amazing items from sponsors!

This Selfie Retreat Is For You If:

  • You can’t take a selfie to save your life, but you’re itching to learn how to break the internet with ‘em

  • You feel like your industry is ‘saturated’ and you want to learn how to stand out with a distinctive personal brand

  • You’re tired of being paralyzed by the thought of creating consistent content for Instagram

  • You know building a personal brand is the key to creating a legacy and generational wealth but you have no idea how or where to begin


what people are gon say about your content after we work together!

what people are gon say about your content after we work together!

Q: Bitch wtf is a “selfie retreat”? What is the difference between this and a photography workshop?

A: I call it a selfie retreat because I’m going to be teaching you how to shoot selfies on your iphone and use them to build a distinctive personal brand in your industry. Unlike a photography workshop, this is not simply about taking a good photo of yourself— it’s about capturing the personality and essence of your personal brand and creating memorable content that sells and creates STANS (aka die-hard fans).

Q: I'm an introvert. Do we really have to be together all the time?

A: Let me be the first to say— SAME tho. I’m also an introvert and need my own time, so you best believe we ALL gon have time for ourselves. Breaks will absolutely happen!

Q: Can we use the images we take from the shoots on our websites?

A: Bitch please do!

Q: I have dietary restrictions, boo. Can I still sign up?

A: Omg yes! I will be sending out a survey in order to plan ahead for everyone’s restrictions. You’re absolutely encouraged to sign up even if you have restrictions!

Q: I don't know anyone else and am signing up alone. Is a bitch gonna be ok???

A: You’ll know me babe! ;) Plus it’s going to be a very small group (just you, me, and three others!), so you’ll absolutely leave with new besties! It’s definitely scary to do something like this— but this is the exact kind of risk-taking that could change your business forever. It’s normal to feel nervous, but never let that stop you from evolving and pushing yourself to greater heights!


The number one objection for taking selfies (beyond ‘i don’t know how to take a picture’) I hear all the time has nothing to do with the tech or the lack of knowledge on how to build a personal brand.

It’s about CONFIDENCE.


I always hear, “I’m too ugly,” “I’m too fat,” “My X is too Y” or “My Y isn’t X enough,” -- stop me if I’m wrong, but I’m willing to bet that the reason you haven’t LEARNED to take a selfie isn’t because you’re not actually capable-- it’s because you don’t think you’re WORTHY enough to invest in this type of knowledge.

And when you don’t feel worthy, you use excuses as a shield to protect you from stepping out of your comfort zone.

Let me be the first to say this: you do not need to fit someone else’s definition of beautiful in order to deserve respect or success.

This SELFIE RETREAT is not about learning how to fit into the awful, mental-illness inducing European beauty standards in order to make money and build a brand.

That’s not how I work over here.

I like weird.

I like truth.

I like courage.

I like feeling fulfilled.

But none of that can be achieved if we’re too busy trying to be anyone other than who we are.

i walk it like i talk it

i walk it like i talk it





(or payment plan available, 
1/2 now— other 1/2 in 30 days/before retreat date)



    One of my biggest accomplishments in 2018 was becoming a contributing writer for the biggest female entrepreneurial brand in the world— I’d love to use my privilege to share your story! Before the retreat, we will coordinate and I will send you a questionnaire to fill out for your interview!


    I know it’s hard to stay the course after such a luxurious experience, so I wanted to make sure to include some accountability AND butt-kicking coaching from moi. Done via Voxer, you’ll have full access to ask me any question, critique your selfies/posts before they go live— anything your lil heart desires!


NYC: 4 | LA: 4 | TOKYO: 4

  • NYC | MAY 13-16

  • LA | JUNE 18-21

  • TOKYO | JULY 15-18


hey what’s up hello, i’m shamia!

An Afro-Latina entrepreneurial photographer, designer, gamer, personal brand sensei, and vampire slayer. I have an extensive background in acting, film, theatre, and improv. In 2018, I became a contributing writer for

Within a year, I went from 2 million views to 18.9 million views on my photography on, a popular stock photography site.

My photography has been featured on over 4.5k webpages, including Buzzfeed.

As a graphic designer/Creative Director, I've had celebrities like Heidi Spencer-Pratt (The Hills) and Sasha Banks (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion) wear my designs.

Needless to say, when it comes to being in front or behind the camera, I have mastered the art of creative visual expression.

I can’t wait to teach you how to do the same through selfies! It is humbling that you would choose me to be your mentor and I don’t take it lightly.

I appreciate you,