An iPhone Self-Portrait Photography + Branding Course for Entrepreneurial Personal Brands

Are you ready to take expert selfies (on your phone!), grow your following, and attract your dream clients/brand collabs?

I used to think that I needed fancy a$$ drones and to travel to exotic a$$ locations in order to build my following and personal brand on Instagram. I remember being legit embarrassed to post my “measly” iPhone self-portraits because it didn’t seem like it was “enough.” ⠀

But here’s what I realized: it was either wait until I had the money to upgrade my equipment and never post OR post content regardless and upgrade later, no matter how embarrassed I felt about the quality. ⠀

So I decided to shake off the self-pity (oops) and did what I could with that I had. Not to mention, I also struggled with creating content consistently— I decided to start a morning ritual called, “Morning Mug Selfies.” On my IG Stories, I would post self-portraits with my coffee in hand and a little note about my day.

what my selfies looked like in the beginning— not bad, but you’ll see, we can do much better… ;)

what my selfies looked like in the beginning— not bad, but you’ll see, we can do much better… ;)

Almost a year later, it’s turned into something much bigger. I learned different ways to take unique, memorable self-portraits (like the ones on this page - yep, ALL of these are self-portraits!).

And a few things started to happen:

  1. I had leftover content for my actual feed (no more figuring out wtf to post, because I just used my leftover mug selfies!),

  2. My follower count grew (I started to get DM’s from people asking how I shoot and edit my photos!),

  3. And I gained confidence as a photographer, entrepreneur, and content creator (imposter syndrome is so real wow)!

Fam, we can’t delay our goals and ambitions because they don’t look 100% perfect right out the gate. That time is going to pass ANYWAY. I repeat: THAT. TIME. IS. GOING. TO. PASS. ANYWAY. ⠀

So you can either let the time pass without achieving anything OR you can start where you are with what you have and invest in building upon it when the time comes. It’s your choice. ⠀

You definitely have the option of going out there and figuring it out yourself. I hope this has encouraged you enough to go out and be your best self!

OR… or— and hear me out— you can join this course and have me as a mentor guiding you every step of the way. :)

In #AestheticallyPleased, I’m going to be showing you the EXACT A -> B process I used to go from the above selfies — to THESE:

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